About Yaal

Yaal Herman is a full time professional photographer and gallery owner. Yaal was inspired by photography as a teenager, spending long nights in the darkroom. He has experimented with many techniques and acquired professional education and experience in a variety of educational and professional institutions such as Bezalel, Concordia University, The Israel Museum, Panorama Laboratories and The Jerusalem Print Workshop. Although he has exhibited in a variety of museums and galleries world-wide, Yaal prefers to see his works displayed in the everyday lives of people – above the sofa, in the lobby or in the conference room. With education and experience in the field of marketing communications and digital media Yaal is also unique in that his projects combine photography, advertising and media. Yaal resides in Jerusalem together with his family and his photo studio/gallery is located at the Jerusalem Hutsot Hayotser Artist Colony.  To schedule an appointment to meet Yaal in his gallery, contact him at: yaalherman@gmail.com