Portrait Photography

Professional Portrait ‘headshot’ photography can convey the unique impression you want to create.

An image on social media or on a professional service advertisement, will effect that decision to ultimately make a phone call or send an email to express interest. When we want to create a professional impression, all the elements need to be aligned – the wardrobe, the optics and lights and the right background . Whether photographing outside, on location or in a studio session, lighting and optics can highlight or hide . Photography in the workplace or in the course of action is recommended to illustrate the professional field and workspace in a story-telling manner. For a strong team photograph, ( management teams, board of directors profile photos for LinkedIn etc.) it is best to situate the photo in a pertinent setting with a make-up artist to assist.

Team photography in this way creates stylistic uniformity and conveys professionalism and credibility.In a private photo session I try to create a personalized relaxed atmosphere is created and the goal is to produce a flattering image that will serve the client for many years.