Corporate Promotional Photography and Public Relations

Corporate image marketing is an essential component to the branding of a business, or a product. The scrutiny of a first impression of products or businesses is most often through the visual. “People buy with their eyes.” Our vast experience in the field of image photography and public relations has taught us that most businesses can make do with a few representative photos on a website, Facebook page, catalogue or other advertising format.

Our expertise in this field is knowing how to convey the business’ messages to the target audience. For example: Is a photo of a necklace on a model that messages luxury and elegance appropriate for a company that markets jewelry to teenagers? Similarly, does a boutique company that aims to attract family and personal attention be satisfied with a traditional office picture populated by tailored workers? Therefore, our work is committed to producing those marketing images that are consistent with the message. We personalize! We begin with a conversation with the customer to elaborate his needs, and to determine those equipment and photographic techniques and processing that will deliver the accurate image with the desired message. In many promotional and PR photography jobs we also combine video visuals – for future editing for the client’s use.

Our expertise also encompasses stop-motion and time lapse photography, in an animation clip or video clip. With our professional education and expertise in advertising and marketing communications, as well as accumulated experience, we produce quality images that convey effective messages suited to your marketing needs. You are invited to contact us, We will be happy to discuss and advise.