Product Photography

The studio in Hutzot Hayotzer is a enjoyable place to work in: a upscale, pleasant space with black parquet flooring to reduce unnecessary reflections, magnetic walls for easy and quick movement of elements in space, curtains for reducing external light and privacy, a coffee corner for those comtemplative coffee breaks and unique photographic equipment. In product photography and studio photography, we use computers with a calibrated screen, connected with the camera for processing and reviewing photographs during the creative process, so that the final result can be designed and confirmed right from the initial stages of the studio session, saving time and resources on repairs and style modifications.

When photographing products for catalogs, brochures or for website sale, it is customary to remove background distraction using studio lighting techniques in combination with software processing, creating an artificial shading that will be clean and uniform for all products. Many of our customers now request photography and processing that meets the specific requirements of major trading sites such as Amazon and EliExpress.

Where there are special requirements such as a large inventory of items to photograph, custom large sizes, high-value products or specialized transport and insurance needs, our studio equipment is mobile so that a photo session can be held at the customer’s location or out in the field (Industrial photography, fashion photography, field equipment, demos, etc.).

In addition, we deal with photographing works of fine art, paintings, sculptures and art objects for sale, catalog and reproduction in medium format ( using high resolution and separation cameras for maximum results and tonality nuances captures).