Commercial Photography

A professional photographer and studio in Jerusalem specializing in commercial photography. Photography for advertising and commercial purposes requires expertise, experience and specialized equipment that are distinguished from other photographic industries such as event photography or documentary photography. Commercial photography or photo advertising and fashion and industrial photography, combine technical and aesthetic knowledge, creativity and of course, an understanding of the world of marketing and business. In addition, knowledge of the requirements for successful Internet content, is required in working with professionals that include designers, product managers, project managers and marketers. In complex photo shoots involving multiple crew members, an entire day of shooting can fail because of one missing flash sync adapter, or a lost or damaged memory card,. Therefore, our solution is to ensure strict adherence to equipment maintenance, organization, file backup and synchronization to any necessary equipment for production. Yet combined with that commitment to order, the photographer’s mind is always open, intuitive, and creative.
As a professional photographer, I pay attention to both the aesthetic and the technical aspects of our projects;  and with the right attitude, all culminates in the perfect result for the demanding industry of commercial photography. Our equipment, carefully selected and regularly maintenaned includes unique and valuable components such as medium-format cameras, technical cameras with field depth and perspective control, strobes, flashes, triggers, reflectors, color balance and reflection filters, software and calibrated computer screens – all to deliver the most desirable results to each and every customer. In addition to studio photo sessions in our Hutzot Hayotzer studio in Jerusalem, and on location shoots, we also undertake projects that include architectural photography, real estate photography, product photography, portrait photography and promotional photography. We are also recognized for our complex projects that combine photography, multimedia interfaces and/or custom installations. The studio has a mellow and inviting vibe, is centrally located and comfortable to work in. The services we offer include our experience, knowledge and academic education in the fields of marketing communications, multimedia and web production. Our knowledge, experience and facilities ensure that you and your designers are happy, and that your marketing channels will successfully attract the right customers.

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