Limited Edition

Derived from technical limitations of 19th century fine art printing techniques, artists often limit the number of copies produced from a single plate, thus reducing the quantity and increasing the value of each printed copy.
Various attitudes toward limiting the number of prints per edition were developed. Since most of my work is custom made, in size and material, the edition number relates to the total number of prints that can be made from a specific file image, regardless of size and production technique.

Price appreciates with the number in an edition.

Custom Sizes and Installations

Custom installations are welcomed. For the residential setting, we often create a mock-up demo prior to completing final production. For an installation demo, please send a wide-angle cellphone photo of the space you are decorating to, and specify the size (width/height) of reference objects e.g. a sofa, table, etc. We also provide full service installation for orders within Israel.

Print Types and Mounts

C-Print – Emulsion based chemical photographic paper, usually projected from a file using a Lambda printer. Fuji premium archival metallic emulsion paper is our paper of choice.

Giclee – High quality ink jet printing on archival fine art papers. 100% cotton paper is our preferable choice for this type of print.

Diasec Mounting – A high-end mounting technique, originally Swiss, which sandwiches C-Prints in special silicon emulsion between aluminum and acrylic sheets. This mounting method enables high color stability in glossy/matt finish as a floating, frame-less installation. Diasecs include either a supporting recess frame – so they look as if floating off the wall or can be installed with a more traditional external wooden frame.

Dibond Mount– A more economical solution, more suitable for office spaces; usually produced with protective lamination and an aluminum frame. Recessed framing will also
work nicely with such a mounting.

Aluminum sublimation print – Sublimation type printing on aluminum is considered nearly scratch resistant and produces high color stability, to the extent that it can be hung in an exterior setting. As with Diasecs, metal prints often benefit from a supporting recess frame – so they look as if floating off the wall.

LED Lightbox – Duratrance print (analogue transparency) mounted via Diasec to with dimable LED light box.
Maximal effect achieved with dark, high contrast images.

Archival Grade Printing and Mounting

Print permanence is very significant for all stages of print production, framing and pricing. All of our print mediums follow strict guidelines and achieve high standards of print permanence.

Fine Art Framing

When work is shipped as an unframed print (more economical) it is recommended to ensure that the print does not touch the glass. We normally print the image with a black or white signed edge which achieves a minimalist look and avoids the expense of matting.  Here’s a link to our recommended framing method. We recommend TrueVue Museum glass for reflection free UV protection presentation and acid free mounting materials and techniques for maximal image permanence.

Film Format and File Sizes

Whether analogue or digital, the method of image capture will have a great impact on the print’s contrast, separation and resolution. Basically, the larger the source the higher the resolution, and the more detail a print will show when viewing from close range. Medium format cameras, both analogue and digital represent a compromise between image quality and portability. Although more cumbersome than a 35mm camera, they are my favorite equipment used for capturing most scenes.

Shipping and Handling

Prints are normally shipped for mounting and framing overseas rolled in 3” tubes at a cost of 45$US. 72” Diasec mounts and lenticular photographs are produced in Israel and are packed and shipped (insured) via air. Average shipping cost is US$800. Such items are exempt from Israeli VAT charges. Some countries may impose additional taxes and import charges, for which we have neither control nor responsibility.