Fine Art Photography

As someone who has changed locations more than a few times in his life, I know that art displayed on the walls is the best way to personalize and bring a positive dynamic to the atmosphere and character of a space. Our photography gallery in Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony in Jerusalem displays artistic photographs for the home and the office, featuring evocative landscapes from the Land of Israel, Holyland archaeology, local flora and fauna and lenticular 3D cityscapes. Some of the fine art photographic prints are black and white, others are in color. Whether installed in home or office environments, both imagery and production quality are guaranteed to serve as a long term investment. We believe that the combination of the concept, the ideal perspective, time of day and composition creates artistic photography that inspires, speaks to the soul and contributes invaluably to the interior design in which it is installed. Most of the photographs on view in the Jerusalem gallery have been strategized through periods of study and reflection and often multiple returns to the same location. The art works are curated according to thematic series.  Each series was created and edited according to approach, technique and format, to highlight the best perspective. The dimensions and format of the photographs were filmed in medium or large format, or medium format digital, and can be printed to large sizes that take into account dimensions, humidity, lighting and framing that enhance the photo and the venue. Producing the photographic image for its designated space is of great importance and for that reason we often first present to our clients, a mock-up simulation. The motto is ‘Measure twice – cut once.’ The high level of production and finishing is designed to give each photograph a long life, both in terms of quality and aesthetics.  In addition, we also sell prints on museum-grade cotton paper, or metallic C-print paper for framing by the client.
Artistic statement: ‘God is the artist; we are only dealing with reproduction.’ We invite you to the Jerusalem Gallery, preferably by appointment, where you can appreciate and select an artistic photograph that has been carefully edited and printed to present a unique story using the most advanced techniques and materials.