Architectural Photography

Architecture photography for architects, interior designers, contractors and real estate agents is offered on various levels of execution.

  • For photography for portfolios and websites of interior designers, architects and contractors where quality photography is usually required, as well as photography of hotels and guest houses, we recommend planning a limited number of meticulous frames, and designing themes through the frame window while changing and moving elements in the space, including the illumination of certain elements and subsequent “sewing” of these to a single composition via layering in photoshop.
  • For real-estate photography, whether for selling apartments or photographing properties for short-term rental advertising, it is recommended to work in a manner closer to documenting existing spaces, with only minor changes in furniture and lighting. This enables the photographing of multiple properties in a single day.

As one who has photographed over a thousand listings for Airbnb short term rentals , in addition to photographing hundreds of apartments, zimmers, hotel rooms and projects for architects, contractors, realtors, property managers and owners of B&B’s, hostels and more, it is important for me to adjust the level of work to the true requirements of the client by mapping cost and benefit. Our architectural photography service includes: photography of buildings, hotels and hostels, photography of properties and professional real estate for rental or sale purposes, or for advertising in magazines, apartment listings, and projects and portfolios for designers and architects. To achieve quality results we combine professional studio lighting, with perspective control tilt-shift lenses, as well as usage of medium format technical equipment. We employ a variety of photographic techniques, such as panoramic photography, ultra-high resolution photography, off camera lighting and layering techniques, exposure merging and focus stacking when required. We will be happy to hear from you and to discuss how we can help you get the most out of the property!