Lenticular 3D, Multimedia, Installations

Three-dimensional photography and lenticular printing techniques enable 3D and animated viewing of photographs without the need for 3D glasses.

This unique technique is rarely seen in the work of other high-end productions. When such a photograph is properly produced, the result is outstanding and unlike anything most others can produce.

3D lenticular photography is a state of the art tool for displaying products, advertisements, portraits and simulations. It can be used as an interactive medium and stand out as unique trade shows, exhibitions, museums and visitor centers.

Lenticular 3D photography is an exceptional medium that allows the integration of animation and three-dimensional demonstration, 3D illustration or video and that shifts with the movement of the viewer. Often, but not necessarily, with a backlit lightbox

Our studio has extensive experience in installations and large size photographic installations: large displays for hotel lobbies, entrance to visitors’ centers, street installations and more. Such photographs require ultra-high photographic resolutions to accomodate the combination of large dimensions of the print and the short viewing distances.
High-resolution images can also be viewed using Gigapixel-style web interfaces and or multimedia stations combined in interactive interfaces.