Commercial and Promotional Photography Services in Jerusalem

Commercial photography calls for a different set of skills, approach and equipment than documentary or event photography.
When approaching a project there is much to be realized: keeping in line with the brand image, creative concept, placement of the images, the ability to work in a team and a budget and realizing what visualization will generate the best results for your business.
With education and experience in marketing communications and web productions and years of work on challenging projects involving creativity, artistry and technical excellence, we are ready to take on your assignment. We will complete it within budget, with a style and work-flow that will enable a designer/webmaster to enjoy the creative process.

Recent Projects

Architectural Photography

architectural photography in israel We provide architectural and interior photography for architects, interior designers, contractors and real estate agents, including high resolution panoramic imagery, tilt-shift lenses for perspective control, image stitching for ultra high resolution imagery and incorporating photographs in multimedia and web navigation platforms.
We normally divide architectural photography into two levels: For designers, architects, hotels and guest houses we recommend planning a smaller number of images per day – enabling the photographs to be tightly planned and executed: During the sessions we view the results on a laptop screen by moving objects in space, angle, lighting until a perfect image has been captured.  Additionally, we always include a few images of details, surroundings and additional images for backgrounds (brochures, web) to make the most of the session. For faster jobs (real estate agents, short term rentals photography) we recommend photographing the property with one off camera lighting and some perspective and composition alignments only. This enables us to shoot multiple properties in a single day.

jerusalem product photography

Product Photography

Our studio, Centrally located in the Hutsot Hayotser Artist Colony is a fun place to work. It has private parking, a black parquet flooring, light tight curtains, easy to adjust magnetic walls and quiet, peaceful surroundings where we can focus on achieving the desirable results.
During studio sessions, we use a range of prime macro lenses, and light modifiers while viewing and adjusting the results on a computer screen connected to the camera, so that we know where we are heading even before begin. In cases where a large stock of items is to be photographed, where the dimensions are large or where insurance demands present difficulties, our experience enables us to easily travel with our equipment to work at the client’s location.

3D Lenticular Photography

Three dimensional prints conveying the illusion of depth, animation or both for glassless 3D viewing. This medium is involves unique experience and equipment and can produce stunning results for the purpose of presenting products, portraits, advertisements and various demonstrations and presentations.

Fine Art Reproduction

Photography of paintings, statues for the purpose of catalog, sale, or reproduction.

Recent Commercial Projects