Photography Course

קורס צילום בירושלים

Photo: Asher Ben-Ari z”l

Photography Course
at Hutsot HaYotser Artist Colony

The photography course will take place once a week at the photography gallery at the Hutsot HaYotser artist colony (near Jaffa Gate and Mamilla).
The course aims to provide a practical understanding, knowledge and photography skills in a tightly planned, focused manner: How to make the most of your camera, how to use software to manage and enhance your images, how to properly use a flash, how to work with a human or non-human subject and more.. ..all this while developing a personal approach and acquiring guidelines and directions for further development. Session 5 of the photography course will be held entirely outdoors, around the neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Minimum of 5 participants required.

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Where When How?

Sundays between 18:00-20:30
First Session: Oct 21st 2018.

Session 5 will be held outdoors on a Friday morning.
Tuition: 1260 Nis, inc. VAT. Credit Cards accepted. Optional first session tryout (based on availability). Free parking.
For additional information and registration:
or Send us a note
Free parking available.


 Session 1: The Divine Trinity

Introduction and Meeting
A Brief History of Photography: the art, the technology and the connection between the two
Working with light
Measuring light
Aperture, Shutter, ISO and their interactions
Rangefinder Camera Structure

Session 2: Into Perspective

Reflex camera structure
A Brief History of the Art of Photography
Perspective, optics, lenses and filters
Focusing methods
Applying all this in your camera

 Session 3: What’s Your Story?

Outdoors demonstration in Yamin Moshe neighborhood
Tips and Tricks about handling and maintenance of equipment
Composition, narrative and the relationship between form and content
Introduction to street photography

Session 4: The History of the Art

A brief history of photography presentation
The development of the technology, the art and the connection between the two
Introduction to street photography

 Session 5: Going Out

Field exercises in Nachlaot, Shuk (Street Market) and Makor Baruch
This outing will be based on our Jerusalem Crash Course photo workshop (link)
Day and night photography

 Session 6: The Digital Age

Field work review
Introduction to digital: So how exactly does it work??
File types, File management, Workflow, Reading the Histogram
Introduction with various image-editing software programs

Session 7: The Digital Darkroom

Image editing and manipulation as part of the creative process
Photoshop interface and practical uses
Tips, tricks and links

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