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Architectural and interior property photographer in Jerusalem Israel. Service includes high resolution panoramic imagery, tilt-shift lenses for perspective control, medium format equipment, image stitching for ultra high resolution photographs and incorporation of photographs in multimedia and web navigation platforms.

We normally divide architectural photography into two categories:
1. Photography of apartments for owners, real estate agents and property managers in Jerusalem for the purpose of sale or advertising short term rentals. For this type of work we recommend photographing the property with one off camera lighting and some perspective and composition alignments only. This is more of a high- end documentation style of real estate photography which does not include professional styling, complex lighting set up and multi-layer editing and thus keeps the job within budget. Sorting and editing and balancing the photos is done later.  Edited images are delivered as both large and small versions of the files, normally the following day.

2. Architectural photography jobs for designer and architect portfolios, hotels and model apartments usually calls for tighter planning and photography sessions that include styling, moving objects in the space, multi layered lighting and a slower working pace.  We often capture multiple images of the same angle for later layering, adjusting and stitching in Photoshop (mainly for light enhancement purposes). Additionally, we always include a few images of details, surroundings and additional images for backgrounds (brochures, web) to make the most of the photo session.

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